Parents have questions as schools reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

FOX44 News took some of those questions to Dr. Bobby Ott, the superintendent over the Temple Independent School District.

One of the chief questions, why are schools offering online classes when so many schools are open to the public?

“People have a choice they can either go into the store, or they can have things maybe delivered to their home or pick them up curbside offering online,” Dr. Ott told FOX44 News, “in my mind, it gives parents the choice.”

What do you have to say about outbreaks that are happening at other schools that have already started for instance the school in Georgia?

“It’s inevitable. I think schools are working really, really hard to do what they can to minimize the risk of transmission. But in truth, I don’t think there is a complete 100% fail safe against it if there’s a virus roaming around without a vaccination.” Dr. Ott said, “So I think it’s actually to be expected. And I think we all would hope that those cases are few and far between due to the diligence of schools and trying to really reduce transmission.”

For the full conversation, please watch the video clip above.