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TEMPLE, Texas – The Temple Police Department addressed concerns surrounding the new rules and regulations put into place due to COVID-19.

“Yes officers are still active, and they are responding in person for calls of service that require an officer to be on scene,” says Cody Weems, Media Relations Specialist with the Temple Police Department.

An officer would be required on scene for crimes and disturbances in progress, or calls involving violence. If an officer is not needed at the scene, a report will be taken over the phone or you can submit one online.

“Just certain things that have already happened and may not have an active crime scene where there is no active threat of danger. Things that need to be reported to the department, but aren’t necessary for an officer to be there,” says Weems.

Another rumor the department is addressing has to do with the stay-at-home order.

“Officers are not conducting random traffic stops to see if people have the right to be out. We do ask, however, that people keep the stay at home order in mind,” says Weems.

The City of Waco addressing the same rumors.

“The police will not stop you for being out. This is not a martial law situation. This is a shelter in place,” says Larry Holze, the Waco City Spokesperson.

The Waco Police Department is still responding to 911 calls, but they ask you to not call for things related to COVID-19.

“If you call 911, we will dispatch an emergency vehicle. In other words, police will come out to your home. It’s wasting man power. We don’t need that to happen, so please don’t call 911 for anything related to COVID-19,” says Holze.

The departments are also taking extra precautions to protect their officers.

“Officers have been given gloves and masks. They’re also wiping down their vehicles and equipment throughout the day, washing their uniforms after every shift. They are taking measures to keep themselves safe and those they interact with safe and healthy, as well,” says Weems.

For more information on the Temple Police Department’s non-emergency line, you can click here.

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