Tent city must move for shelter reopen


KILLEEN, Tx- Where will we go?

That’s the question many are asking after the ‘Friends in Crisis’ Homeless Shelter in Killeen announced that they will reopen their doors in August.
But until then the ‘tent city’ on their front lawn, will have to move or those living there will be arrested.

“Where I go from here, I have no idea,” said Isaiah Young Jr., he’s lived at the tet city for about 3 weeks.

The Shelter has been closed since May 18, but shelter officials say, they can reopen.

“The date they’re looking out for is possibly August the ninth,” said Donald Jones, a Shelter board member.

The bad news is occupants of this ‘tent city’ will now have to move.
The 20 or so people living here say, they don’t know what they’re going to do for the next couple weeks.

“It’s a stressful situation no matter what,” said Allen Kimble, whos been at the tent city since the beginning.

“We all need help. We have no places to go, there’s no one, no one’s excepting us,” said Young.

They have until Monday or risk being arrested.
One option agreed upon by shelter board members-moving them to the dana peak campground

” Now that I have recommended to the board that we have a place selected for them, so they can go and still while all of this is being cleaned up and prepared for re-occupancy, ” said Jones.

Option two, brought by a business owner and a veteran. They say they’re willing to donate an old building located off Texas Highway 195, that has electricity. But supplies are needed.

“Our priority would be porta-potties. We have the building, we have facilities so that we can house people,” said business owner Gary Smiley.

” I had a piece of property that could house some tents. Donations and other things like that will assist us, this weekend, to make it available on Monday, ” said veteran Solider 4thelord.

For more on how you can help:

Contact Gary Smiley gs76543@yahoo.com or call 254-462-7263

100% of the donations made will go towards the homeless.

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