Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The Texas legislature is looking over House Bill 1152 to provide veterans more job opportunities.

The bill relates to hiring and licensing certain veterans to serve as peace officers.

House Bill 1152 would change the local government code of what agencies can hire veterans as peace officers.

If passed, security companies would be most affected.

“I’m sure quite a few retirees that would be willing to accept that service public service again. I do know that there are some veterans who are looking at it as part time, maybe for as they’re getting their education,” said McLennan County veterans service officer Steve Hernandez.

Hernandez says there are many veterans who immediately go into law enforcement after leaving the service.

“I feel very strongly that veterans can transition from the military into a law enforcement career, probably sooner than anyone else,” said Hernandez.

Out of nearly 260 officers in the Waco Police Department, there are 90 veterans.

Waco PD PIO Cierra Shipley says they’re always open to accepting veterans who wish to still serve others.

“I think it’s great they’ve already chosen to serve their country and then they continue on that path of serving and then go ahead and serve in their community and maybe a little bit more of a smaller scale. But overall, it’s it’s a great line of work and we appreciate anyone that applies,” said Shipley.

To be eligible veterans must be honorably discharged and have served in the Armed Forces for at least two years.

Hernandez says this bill is a concept he’s heard from past veterans.

“We really do need to figure out a way how we can keep guns out of the hands of deranged individuals, but then at the same time still have the ability to protect our right to protect our citizens,” said Hernandez.

If this bill is approved by Texas legislators, it would take effect September first.