BELTON, TX- Texas Parks and Wildlife wants to remind people to not get too comfortable when it comes to the lake and to always keep a high alert when they start swimming.

Quiyn Carter says she’s always been around the water growing up. She says its very important to look at the water safety tips before going in the water.

“I think I’m a pretty good swimmer I don’t want to go to far out into the water because I do know my limitations so I only go as far as I feel comfortable with,” says Bell county resident, Quiyn Carter.

With Stillhouse Hollow Lake not having a lifeguard on duty, Carter says it concerns her because there’s not enough people there to keep an eye on those who might be weak swimmers.

“We see on a pretty regular basis I want to say at least once a week where some of the kids are saying ‘help, help,’ and they only have the other children that are with them to help them,” says Carter.

Lake officials want to remind people that its as simple as putting on an orange vest that could save your life.

“We always encourage to wear the life jackets if you don’t know how deep the water could be,” says Texas Game Warden, Michael Ferguson.

With the water levels over flowing, Texas Parks and Wildlife wants to remind swimmers to stay alert.

“It does fall back on personal responsibility definitely encourage safe water habits not being intoxicated,” says Ferguson.