The Humane Society of Central Texas is overcrowded

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WACO, Texas – The Humane Society of Central Texas is asking for your help after receiving more than two dozen dogs on Tuesday.

The shelter must open up as many kennels as possible, and needs volunteers to foster the at risk animals.

Bella is a three-year-old pit bull mix, and she loves the little things in life.

“She’s lost quite a bit of weight. She’s just stressed out a lot of the time and when dogs are stressed they won’t eat. But she is just so cute and so sweet and so loving,” says Mike Gray, a Volunteer Coordinator with the Humane Society of Central Texas.

But a recent large intake of dogs may threaten Bella’s chances at a happily ever after.

“Anytime we’re super-full, it puts extra stress on the staff and whatnot. We really want to get the longest residents out, but we’re under a whole lot more pressure when we know we don’t have room for them. It’s not like we have to get just the urgent ones out. Any dog we get out is good because then another one moves into that spot. Really any dog that you can foster, adopt, or rescue is really going to help our longest resident dogs,” says Gray.

According to shelter volunteers, fostering a dog is a fantastic way to help save a life.

“So the dogs we look for to get fostered the most are the ones that have been having behavioral issues or anxiety in here. We’re never opposed to dogs, just any dog, getting out because it really does open that kennel up for that scared dog to have just a little more time,” says Jenny Luper, a Foster Coordinator with the Humane Society of Central Texas.

The Humane Shelter can’t talk about the circumstances involving the 26 dogs, but they know there are people out there who can help.

“I feel like and our staff feels like there’s a perfect adopter out there for every dog. It’s just a matter of giving that dog the time to find that perfect person for them,” says Gray.

For more information on how to volunteer with the shelter click here.

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