Three skimmers found at Exxon gas station in Temple

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TEMPLE, Texas – Temple Police report finding three skimmers at a Temple gas station.

Stella Dixon is a regular customer at the Exxon Mobile gas station in Temple.

“I come here just about everyday to get my Coke, chips, and to just get gas,” says Dixon.

She says she’s usually doesn’t have many concerns because she goes there so frequently with no problem during most visits.

But this is not the same experience for another customer we spoke with.

“Yesterday, three times, yes. And it wouldn’t pump gas, so I figured it was canceled and I took off and canceled the transaction,” says Natalia Colorado.

After today’s news, she’s a bit concerned. She began to check her bank account immediately after finding out three credit card skimmers were discovered at this gas station – hoping her personal banking information hadn’t been compromised.

“That’s extremely concerning,” says Colorado.

Stella Dixon had been a victim of identity theft once before, so she had a mental reminder of the risk you take paying at the pump.

“It just came to my mind and I thought, ‘Be careful when you go and get gas.’ I try to have cash, but if I have my card I go inside,” says Dixon.

Stella says she’s not taking any chances. From here on out, she’s taking the time to stop by the ATM so she can just use cash.

“That’s what it’s coming down to for just about a lot of places. Don’t use your cards. That’s your private information,” Dixon tells FOX44.

Temple Police are giving advice out to Temple residents to avoid having their banking information compromised.

They say while using an ATM or paying at a gas pump, keep the following in mind:

•             Check the card reader, PIN pad, and the surrounding area for any signs of tampering. If something looks or feels unusual, report it immediately.

•             Gently wiggle or pull on the card reader itself. A legitimate machine should not have any loose parts in this area.

•             Pay inside the establishment or with cash when possible. If paying with a debit card at a gas pump, avoid entering your PIN by selecting the credit option instead.

•             Keep a close watch over your bank account, and report any fraudulent activity as soon as possible.

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