LAMPASAS COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – A woman is arrested after her young daughter was found wandering along busy roads looking for her.

The Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office received a call at approximately 10:36 p.m. Wednesday from a woman who lives the 100 block of Private Road 4816. The woman said that while she was out on her nature walk, she saw a small toddler standing on County Road 4820, near the Private Road 4816 intersection. The child appeared to be alone, and was in danger standing in the middle of the road.

The woman immediately grabbed the little girl and took her to safety, and started to contact neighbors and asked who the girl belonged to or which house she walked away from. The woman then called the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office and explained the situation.

All Lampasas County Sheriff’s deputies were busy with other calls at this time, so a Kempner Police officer responded to assist. The woman and officer checked a residence on County Road 4820. While checking this residence, the two found a Tahoe SUV parked behind some utility trailers at a residence at the 800 block of County Road 4820. The vehicle was running, and its driver’s door was open.

The officer also saw a car seat inside. The owner of this residence arrived, and he asked why the police were here. The man was advised the woman and the officer were trying to find the toddler’s parents. The man checked the inside of his residence and discovered a female friend of his, identified as 34-year-old Tara L. Hazlett, was sitting on his couch inside and appeared to be drunk. When Hazlett was questioned if she knew where her child was, she said her daughter was inside of her vehicle. Hazlett was reported to not be very coherent, and was not aware that her daughter got out of her car seat and left the vehicle to look for her mother.

The Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office soon responded and took charge of this investigation. Hazlett was arrested, and is charged with Endangerment to a Child – a second-degree felony. She was taken to the Lampasas County Jail.

Acadian EMS was dispatched to the residence, where the child was evaluated. The toddler was taken to Advent Hospital Emergency in Lampasas for further medical evaluation. Child Protective Services responded to the hospital, where they took custody and control of the toddler.

While searching Hazlett’s body during the booking procedures at the jail, a controlled substance was found in her underwear. Hazlett was also charged with Possession of a Dangerous Drug – a Class A misdemeanor.