Toy gun triggers response at Midway Middle School

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Midway Middle School Principal Dr Herb Cox reported to parents Monday that first thing during the morning, a report of a handgun being spotted turned out to be an airsoft toy replica pistol.

Dr Cox reported another student showed him the toy weapon in his backpack and the student immediately reported it, not knowing if it was real or not.

The student was located during the period known as ” Zero Hour” before classes had begun and it was determined that it was simply a very realistic toy.

Dr Cox said the student who reported it was to be commended for doing the right thing to report it immediately to potentially keep the school safe.

Dr Cox said, “Fortunately our relationships with students, safety protocols, drills, and systems in place for reporting and investigation led to a quick resolution. “

He also said in the letter to parents, ” I cannot stress enough the importance of talking to your kids about their role in school safety, and we will continue to do the same. First and foremost, safety is the top priority. It is always important to report anything seen or heard to authorities as soon as possible. All threats to school security have serious consequences, including toy guns or social media posts like we have experienced earlier this year. “

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