Two 23-year-old Killeen men are being held on $90,000 bond in connection with the torture and burning of a pit bull mix puppy.

Alex Manuel Soto Cruz and Keishaw Aquino-Rodriguez were arrested following an investigation into the incident that occurred in November.

Killeen Police Department spokesman Alex Gearhardt said the puppy was found November 16 still alive.

He said the dog had been beaten, shot with an air gun and burned, then left for dead.

The dog survived and was taken to a local vet for treatment and is reported now being cared for by a rescue organization.

The dog is expected to survive but will be scarred.

Following an investigation into the case, arrest warrants were obtained for the two men who were booked into the Bell County Jail over the weekend.

Police spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez said the dog was found after a citizen heard noises and noticed a foul smell coming from a suitcase inside a dumpster in the 200 block of East Hallmark.

When the person opened the suitcase, there was a white pit-bull mix puppy inside suffering from burns.

Animal control was notified and took custody of the puppy, immediately taking it for medical attention.

A licensed veterinarian noted the puppy had extensive burns and a head injury.

The investigation led to identifying two suspects who police say decided to dispose of the puppy by placing him alive in the suitcase and throwing it into the dumpster.

The puppy is currently being cared for at an out-of-town rehab center until the case goes to trial and is reported slowly recovering from his injuries.