WACO, Texas: Two people are being treated for non-threatening injuries after being shot at a home on Mountainview Drive Wednesday morning.

The gunshots woke up neighbor Ken Wilkerson just after 8 a.m. That’s when he knew something was wrong.

“I knew it was gunshots so I was like ‘what the heck is going on?’ you know,” Wilkerson said. “[It was] very unnerving really to see that, then to pull around the corner and see the ambulance and all the cops.”

By the time he called 911, the dispatcher told him police were already on their way.

“The car was sitting there for quite a while and then they come out – the people came out of the house, they started firing and then the guy went back in the house, the owner, and got his gun and started firing at them,” Wilkerson said. “It was just like, you know, O.K. Corral right in the middle of Waco.”

Police locked down the street and did not think it was a random event.

“It does look like there was a home invasion here in the 2100 block of Mountainview,” Waco Police officer Garen Bynum said. “At this point we don’t believe that the public is in danger and that this was an isolated incident.”

Two people, a man and a woman, were shot during the dispute. The man was shot in the foot and the woman was shot in the arm.

Events like this are not the norm for this neighborhood.

“I’ve been here thirty years in this neighborhood and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Wilkerson said. “It’s kind of shocking.”

Nearby Mountainview Elementary went into a lock-out situation to safeguard students right after the shooting. That was lifted two hours later.

Police say the shooter drove off in a silver sedan.