A 30-year-old Waco woman and a 30-year-old Dallas man have been sentenced to federal prison for their parts in a scheme to use stolen credit card numbers to buy thousands of dollars worth of tires.

Eboni Simone Arps of Waco and Brandon Decorwyn Alexander of Dallas were listed in federal indictments as being involved in a criminal conspiracy to use the stolen card numbers not only to buy the tires in Central Texas area stores and also in other states, but also to rent vehicles used to transport those tires.

Alexander was ordered to pay $341,520 in restitution in addition to his 57-month prison sentence for conspiring to commit identity theft.

Arps was given one year in federal prison for her part in the scheme. She had entered a guilty plea to a charge of misprision of a felony.

The scheme was apparently put into operation back in 2017, with commercial truck tires being purchased at stores in Elm Mott, Mexia and Fairfield locally.

All together, over 15 credit cards involving over 41 different merchants were fraudulently used.

The defendant, along with co-conspirators, would call tire shops in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma and order tires using the stolen credit card information. He would then pick up the tires using vehicles, including a Penske Rental truck he rented with the fraudulent credit card information.

The indictment specified that Alexander and Arp used cell phones on more than one occasion to coordinate the tire thefts.

The indictment said the operation ran from about August 1, 2017 until at least February 2, 2018.

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case.