TxDOT treating pothole abundance after winter storms

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WACO, Texas – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) workers are on the roads to diagnose road damage done by last week’s winter storms.

“Right now, our crews are mobilized and are assessing the roadways now for any damage that may have stemmed from last week’s winter event,” says Jake Smith, of TxDOT Waco. “It’s just a matter of assessing the damage from the storm and just tackling it head on.”

In storms like the ones that hit Texas last week, water will seep into cracks under the road’s surface. Coupled with freezing temperatures – and the roads can become more dangerous.

“You see, these really frigid temperatures will freeze that water,” Smith said. “Whenever water freezes, it expands – and it can cause some stress to the roadway.”

The stress on the road manifests itself in the form of pesky potholes.

Even though last week’s weather was historic here in Texas, TxDOT says their process will remain the same as it would be after any other winter storm.

They are already planning to repair on some major roads like Highway 6 and Highway 84, and expect to be out there for awhile.

“I certainly want to stress to the traveling public out there for the weeks and months to come, you might see our crews out on the roadways with intermittent closures, dealing and repairing these damaged roadways,” Smith said.

Historic storm or not, their advice to drivers remains the same.

“You wanna pay extra attention and ensure that you can see any damage to the roadways,” Smith said. “If you can safely avoid it and safely change lanes, then do so.”

You can report a road issue here.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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