WACO, Texas – In just three days, Texas could face a grim reality – 21 years of daily deaths on our roads.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is looking to end this streak before Sunday, November 7.

TxDOT says as of Thursday morning, there have been 3,556 deaths in 2021 – and average of eleven deaths per day. The top three reasons for this include driving under the influence, speeding and distracted driving.

They say the only way to end this streak is with the commitment and dedication of every Texan.

“We have to be less complacent, and we have to start to take ownership. Not just for ourselves, which is a great start, but we also have to take ownership of the well-being of those that are around us, and it may be a stranger,” says Laura Ryan, Texas Transportation Commissioner.

TxDOT says most crashes and deaths are preventable and by using the Three E’s – Engineering, Education and Enforcement.

“We want you to act like the driver you want next to you. We want you to pretend like the person that is driving next to you is driving your mom, or your brother, or your sister, or your daughter home. And you should be acting that way, too.” says Veronica Beyer, Director of Media Relations for TxDOT. “This really is something that should be everyone’s responsibility and everyone’s priority, because you never know – the next person who could die in a car crash could be someone that you love, and it’s just too much. And it’s unacceptable when we know that the majority of these crashes that are deadly are preventable.”

If we stay on this path, TxDOT says we are projected to reach 4,200 deaths by the end of this year alone.

TxDOT says the only way to end the streak is to buckle up, drive the speed limit or slower – depending on road or weather conditions – never drive under the influence. When driving, put your phone away or set it at “Do Not Disturb.”

To learn more about TxDOT’s #EndTheStreakTX campaign, you can click HERE.