United In Love, Divided By Politics: Local couple finds common ground

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WACO, Texas – In modern history, our nation hasn’t been more divided when it comes to which direction we’re headed. But how do married couples put the politics aside living in a house divided?

Roland and Mary Duty have been married for over four decades, and they may have the answer. The owners of Poppa Rollo’s Pizza say their political preferences in today’s climate keep things very interesting.

Politcs are one of the areas where they find their greatest differences.

Mary is the chairwoman of the McLennan County Democratic Party – while her husband Roland, on the other hand, has been a devoted supporter of President Trump.

In their marriage, especially during election season, they have found that common ground for them has become their safe haven.

“We can find common ground on taking care of our military. We can find common ground on taking care of people that are less fortunate,” Mary shared.

Their opinion of President Trump is where their clash in views become evident.

“He’s outside of the loop. That’s why he was elected. He’s not within that loop of people who all think like that. That’s one of the reasons he got there,” said Roland.

Roland says between their seven children and running a business amid a pandemic, they have more pressing issues to worry about.

“Politics are important. They aren’t the center of your life,” he said.

“You don’t walk away from a marriage. We can find common ground,” Mary agreed.

Like Republicans and Democrats alike, they say their main objective is to ensure their union is successful and disagreements are inevitable.

But they vowed to remain united in love – even if divided they are by politics.

“In sickness and health, whether you’re on the right side of the bed or left of the bed, we agreed to stay married until death do us part, or one of us kills each other,” Mary said.

They tell FOX44 key to getting over that political divide is compromising in an effort to find common ground. They encourage folks from all political parties to do the same.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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