BEAUMONT/KILLEEN, Texas – Two Beaumont law firms are filing a lawsuit against Vista College.

This comes after several students received an email last week saying Vista College is closing its doors for good – leaving many students concerned about what’s going to happen to their credits.

A Beaumont woman suing the college was an enrolled student in the cosmetology program at the Beaumont campus. She was five months away from graduation when her campus closed. Her tuition
was roughly $15,000 and she took out student loans to aid in paying the tuition.

The woman is also fighting for the more than 3,000 students who attended Vista Colleges in the State of Texas. The lawsuit accuses Vista College of fraudulently inducing student enrollment, lying or misrepresenting material facts to their students, failing to provide educational services despite contractual obligations, and failing to provide tuition refunds per their contracts.

There are seven campuses – five in Texas – Beaumont, El Paso, College Station, Killeen, and Longview, one in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and one in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This class action is only sought for Texas residents, and involves the Texas-based Vista College campuses.

The petition below states the defendants’ decision to abruptly close their campuses down betrayed thousands of students and teachers. Students were stripped of their opportunity to complete their programs. These students paid thousands of dollars towards their programs and/or took out student loans and remain in debt. Many of these students still owe money to their loan servicers despite losing the opportunity to obtain their degree, certificate, and/or diploma. Teachers unexpectedly lost their employment.

You can view the petition below.

Source: Ferguson Law Firm