TEMPLE, Texas – The Temple Police Department has completed a review of the incident that occurred on January 14, 2020, resulting in the arrest of Sergei Hall.

The review determined Officer Jacob Perkins did not violate any department policies or procedures and used minimum force to prevent Hall from being injured by passing traffic.

That evening, Officer Perkins responded to the call of an urgent welfare concern from a citizen who was concerned for the safety of Hall, who was reported to be walking in and out of traffic while yelling.

It was determined Officer Perkins attempted to detain Hall to check on his well-being and to prevent him from entering back into the roadway for his safety. Hall did not comply and walked hastily away from the officer and into a lane of traffic. Hall was close enough to an oncoming vehicle that as it passed him, he pushed off of the vehicle with his right hand. This increased Officer Perkins’ concerns that either he or Hall could be struck by a vehicle if they remained in the roadway.

Officer Perkins used a controlled takedown to gain control of Hall in a grassy area and placed him under arrest for the offense of Evading Arrest/Detention.

The Bell County Attorney’s office accepted the criminal charge, and the Temple Police Department is continuing to work with them on this case to provide assistance to Hall in hopes of preventing future incidents.

Source: Temple Police Department