January 01 2022 12:00 am

Waco Bicycle Club celebrates Memorial Day with freedom to ride

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WACO, Texas – It’s Memorial Day, and dozens of Wacoans took advantage of having the day off from school or work to ride for freedom on Monday morning.

“Memorial Day is the freedom to come out here and ride bikes, and be together and celebrate freedom,” said David Blake, President of the Waco Bicycle Club.

Around 60 to 70 bikers and mountain bikers gathered in Waco to ride between 30 to 50 miles to celebrate freedom and honor the men and women who died for our country.

“We always want to remember, you know? We have the opportunity to come out and ride, do things. All the guys who made those sacrifices, they want us to enjoy our freedoms. They didn’t do it in vain, you know? They didn’t lose their life in vain,” said Joseph Fraga, Former Vice President of the Waco Bicycle Club.

For some, this holiday is a mixture of conflicting emotions.

“It’s kind of a happy/sad day. I’m happy I’m off work and everything, but it’s kind of sad when you think about why it’s here and all the people that aren’t here. I have…..I mean, everyone has family that they’ve lost too, you know? Our freedom at some point. So it’s a happy/sad day. I’m glad we can celebrate it, though,” says mountain biker Marilyn Bounds.

Bounds has been biking for ten years now. She says her late grandfather served in World War II, and he would have wanted her to enjoy Memorial Day.

“The people who died for our freedom, they didn’t die so we could sit around and mope. So to be happy, but not forget,” said Bounds.

Everyone is enjoying the freedom to ride out one of their most treasured passions.

“Just say ‘thank you’ for serving this country. Some who gave all to let us do this,” added Blake.

The Waco Bicycle Club rides every week. You can click HERE to learn more about them.

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