WACO, Texas – Waco City Council members voted six to zero Thursday evening to stop future short-term rentals in certain areas.

On June 1, they will take a final vote on the city ordinance.

“Investment properties and single-family neighborhoods, it does not impact those who are more in the core city, kind of near the downtown, that are misused,” says Director of Development Services Clint Peters.

If the City Council votes for the ordinance, it won’t impact everyone.

“The impact is going to be on [the] potential future. People who don’t have short-term rentals now, cause the existing ones are grandfathered,” says Peters.

Peters says they have received feedback from people in the community.

“Right now, there’s a lot of pressure on housing affordability and availability in those neighborhoods, and just some concerns about the short-term rentals will impact that,” says Peters.

For those who are interested in renting out their homes, Peters says they need to get a license and a city permit.

“A lot of the city will still be able to request for new short-term rental – especially around the downtown area,” says Peters.

With many people choosing short-term rentals for vacations – the question becomes, “What will this mean for them?”

“I don’t think it will have any impact on people traveling to Waco. There will still be plenty of options [for] people [to] find accommodations,” says Peters.

Peters says those who are interesting in renting their homes out need to get a license and permit.