WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The City of Waco and McLennan County have finalized funding for three new projects due to appropriation work.

Congressman Pete Sessions met with the media today to provide details on the plans.

President Biden signed the law and the money is secured. The projects include the Bull Hide Regional Reclamation Plant with 3 million dollars, Speegleville Road Bridge with 1.76 million dollars and the Lake Waco Embankment Study with an additional 1 million dollars.

Congressman Pete Sessions, Waco Mayor Dillon Meek and McLennan County Judge Scott Felton are leading the charge on the collaborative community efforts.

One of the biggest reasons for the push is the safety of the community. Many people take their children to school in the area around Speegleville Road Bridge. Congressmen Sessions shares that they will expedite this project as soon as possible.

“We may be in the economic growth and development opportunity here, but both of these gentlemen felt strongly to say this must be done for the safety of children and families in this county and in Waco, Texas.”

The Lake Waco Embankment has stability issues along Lakeshore Drive and the money will go towards studying how to stabilize the road.

The 3 million dollar grant for the Bull Hide Regional Reclamation Plant will support Waco’s future infrastructure needs.

There is not a set date for the projects to start and finish. However, Congressman Sessions will provide updates as they move forward with the process.