WACO, Texas – The Deep In the Heart Film Festival will debut completely digitally this weekend, and will continue from October 2 – 4.

While the festival’s founders wanted it to be held in-person at the Waco Hippodrome as it always has been, they have been trying to create an online presence.

“We’ve always actually wanted to have an online distribution part where you can go to a website and watch the films for a certain amount of time that you didn’t get to catch during the festival,” co-founder Samuel Thomas said.

With over 120 short films and music videos to show in the festival, the digital aspect allows movie buffs to watch all the films available – something they wouldn’t be able to do in person.

“Not only the filmmakers themselves will have the ability to have their films seen across a wide range of time, but also the film festival goers,” Thomas said. “If you purchase a block, you start watching that block. You actually get 24 hours to watch it, so it’s on demand in that situation.”

The virtual format will allow for more people to watch Q&A’s with the filmmakers. It also makes the festival more available on a global stage.

“I’m looking forward to the fact that we have more reach than we normally have,” Thomas said. “For the most part, everything is gonna be available across the world.”

In fact, being online could actually help the festival grow.

“We’re really hoping that our reach increases and that really lets people know who we are in the festival circuit,” Thomas said. “We’re here. We’re for quality. We’re here for our filmmakers, and we’re here for our community.”

For purchasing options, you can check out the festival’s website.