MOUNT CALM, Texas (FOX 44) – Cheyenne Holloway and her family lost everything they owned in a house fire last Thursday.

“We lost baby books, blankets, backpacks that they all three used,” says Kerri Harris, Cheyenne’s mother.

They lost everything in the fire, clothes, shoes, furniture, food, essentials, even their pets. Four dogs (two of which were service dogs for Cheyenne and Lacee), one cat, and six baby chicks beneath a heat lamp were trapped inside. Holloway says she had to rehome her livestock.

“My dog that I had for nine years going through everything with me, he was a service animal,” says Waco Fire Academy cadet, Cheyenne Holloway.

Hearing the tragic news, friends and family reached out to Cheyenne and her family to help them get back on their feet.

“We’re kind of like family since it started, you know, we’ve only known each other since august, but I mean, we. I feel closer to her than some of my friends I’ve known for a couple of years,” says family friend Matthew Ansley.

Cheyenne’s classmates at the fire academy started a GoFundMe page.

In the GoFundMe page, Matthew Ansley wrote, “I have never known a more resilient individual, a person who’s faced and conquered more adversity than Cheyenne. She has worked tirelessly and fought tooth and nail for her place in this world, and future. I and others have seen all 5’2″ 100 pounds-soaking-wet of her drag a firehose better than people twice her size. There were days when she’d come to class, go to work, then ride out on the ambulance for 12 hours only to come back to class right after.”

“It means the world and not just here him. I’ve had a lot of a lot of random people on the street. This outpouring and the support is amazing,” says Holloway.

Cheyenne just recently graduated from the MCC Fire Academy and is actively working on getting her EMT certification.

“We are about to graduate and start off with your career. Something like this happens. I mean, like me and the rest of the guys knew we had to do something to help her out,” says Ansley.

Cheyenne’s dream is to be a part of the Waco Fire Department and she says losing her home will not stop her from following her dreams. Cheyenne is expected to graduate from the MCC Fire Academy on April 28th.

“I don’t want people to feel this way. I thought coming home would scare me seeing this and push my dream further, but it makes me want to do it even more,” says Holloway.

And a message she would like to give to the community.

“I don’t think you’ll know enough how much it means, how much you’re helping. Even just the people donating 15, $25 and going a long way,” says Holloway.

To help the girls rebuild after losing everything, you can click here to make a donation.