WACO, Texas – A Waco home has become a Christmas staple for children and their families during the holiday season.

But, it almost didn’t happen this year. Health complications made it difficult for the Tristan family to decorate, but nonetheless, they made it happen.

Its been a nearly 80-year tradition for Alice Tristan and her husband.

Unfortunately, he became sick this year suffering from three strokes and COVID-19. He has been battling health complications since.

Alice says although it was a lot of hard work, she continued the tradition herself this year because she doesn’t want to let the children and their families down during such a special time.

“It makes me feel good and I would get my husband before he got sick. I would get him to the window ‘hunny look at those kids, look at the kids, look at them, they are playing’ and one runs away from the Grinch, so this year we made sure we had two Grinches now. But it makes us feel good, that we are making the community happy and all the kids,” said Tristan.

She dedicates this year to her husband, her grandson who passed away, and her new great grandson.

“We’re doing it specially for them three. Specially for my husband, he’s had a rough year and he’s still having it but we are hoping he comes home on the 23rd, so all of the prayers that have been said, continue saying them please,” said Tristan.

Alice says she usually begins setting up in October but the amount of decorations continues to grow that she might have to start now in September.

Her display will stay on every night until Christmas, so you have plenty of opportunities to check it out on the corner of Proctor Avenue and N. 28th St.

If you decorate your home for the holidays in a big way, send us an email at news@kwkt.com to be featured in our newscast.