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WACO, Texas – Rebuilding, consolidation, and demolition are just a few of the topics the Waco Independent School District is discussing in long-range facilities planning.

The board consisting of 75 people started meeting in January, with one goal in mind.

“For us to have the best instruction and the best facilities to support instruction as possible,” Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon said. “For our students, as well as having equitable facilities across the district.”

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is studying the facility needs of elementary, middle and high schools – developing a ten-to-15 year plan.

While nothing is finalized yet, the Board has reached a consensus on options.

“We would like to rebuild Waco High School,” Kincannon said.

This comes in addition to creating new facilities for other schools.

“Focusing on new facilities for Carver Middle School and Tennyson Middle School, which would then take off Indian Spring offline in order to improve instruction,” Kincannon said.

CAC member and parent Emily Iazzetti says she is excited about the options being considered.

“More equitable locations, more collaborative learning spaces,” Iazzetti said. “I think there is so many neat things that we could be doing that would really improve the educational opportunities for our kids, and help support the teachers more.”

Dr. Kincannon says the focus is educational sustainability and enhancing the quality of the facilities to serve the kids.

With plans for better facilities, the district does not expect the student population will grow anytime soon.

“Our demographics show that we will continue to be about 15,000 students for the foreseeable future,” Kincannon says.

As the district makes decisions, they will share the information with the community – and Dr. Kincannon expressed her gratitude for the committee.

“We are really calibrating our ideas around the needs of the district for the future, in terms of creating the best environment possible for learning for our students,” Kincannon said.

When the board votes on a decision, they will work toward a bond program. The construction time frame will be contingent on what they decide.

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