WACO– Jose Fernandez has created a business that makes getting gas more convenient.

“It just hit me,” Fernandez said. “Like a vision from God. Almost like, why didn’t I start this before?”

Fuel 2 You is a mobile gas station that will go wherever you are whether that be work, home, school, etc.

People can set appointments to have their car filled up with gas here.

Fernandez and his wife started the business in July, and he says bringing gas to people, especially during a pandemic, is a great way they can help people.

“More people than I thought are scared,” Fernandez said. “I mean, you’d be surprised how dirty they are and how many people actually go and touch the pumps every day.”

Whatever Fernandez pays at the pump is what the customer pays plus a $15 delivery fee.

He hopes to expand the business in the future to serve a wider area, and start a subscription service.

AAA recommends having at least 1/4 of a tank in your car so you don’t risk getting stranded or damaging your car.

“I just thought it was an amazing idea, and I think it impacts a lot of people,” Fernandez said.