Waco NAACP hosts “Souls to the Polls” event

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WACO, Texas: In an effort to get more people to vote in Waco, the local NAACP branch drove a caravan to the Waco Multi-Purpose Center on the Quinn Campus Sunday to cast their vote.

To inspire people to come, the music and free food made it a festive atmosphere.

“People love to come to a party,” Waco NAACP president Dr. Peaches Henry said. “We’re having a party so that people can come and vote and enjoy themselves.”

Henry wanted to avoid any kind of voter suppression in Waco by travelling to the polling cent en masse.

“We want to make sure everyone has the ability to vote without intimidation,” Henry said. “We are coming together as we have over the years, to support each other as we cast our vote.”

She also believes this is one of the most important elections of her lifetime.

“It is important to vote because our lives literally depend on it,” Henry said. “Whom we cast our vote for this term could determine whether we are able to literally survive.”

Henry cites racial tension and the rate at which African Americans are dying from COVID-19 complications as reasons this elections is so important.

“It has always been the case, but more so than ever, our lives depend on our vote,” Henry said. “In the NAACP, we’re done dying, so we’re gonna vote, we’re gonna vote, and we’re gonna vote.”

The event has also inspired the young generation to make their voices heard.

“This is my future,” first time voter Josephine Curtis said. “I’m 20 years old and the stuff that I’m gonna be doing now is gonna affect me four years from now and four years from then and my niece that was just born, it’s gonna affect her, so I feel like it’s important for me to do that.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic still forcing people to be extra careful in public, organizers encourage people to get their voting done as quickly as they can.

“We’re gonna encourage people to vote early or to use the option of voting by mail so that they are not standing in long lines on November 3,” Henry said.

The NAACP will also hold the event next Sunday, October 25.

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