WACO, Texas – A group of talented Wacoans are breaking into the comic book scene by introducing a brand new world of heroes.

“Initially this all started off as you know we can’t get jobs in comics if we don’t make comics an then as we started making it it just made it to where ‘let’s just make this you know’ if this is the only book that we make in comics I’ll be proud of it because I know this will go places,” said Joey Gonzales, Co-Founder and Writer for Plus Waco Comics. “This is the dream and this is something that we are chasing, this isn’t just a resume that we are trying to make, this is a legacy that we are trying to leave whenever we are gone one day. Whenever we are gone, these characters will still stay here.”

The group called Plus Waco Comics created Plus Universe Alpha, a graphic novel featuring a new universe of intriguing characters, the first of many to come.

“This is what we want to do, this has taken over our life completely,” said Gonzales.

Gonzales and artist Daniel Flores eat, sleep and breath comics.

“I was laid off a job and I was like ‘I’m distraught, I have nowhere else to go, I’m going to go read some comic books about it and so I read a book and it was the craziest thing and I picked it up off the shelf and I just thought ‘why can’t I pursue that?’,” said Gonzales.

That’s how Plus Waco Comics was born.

“We’re not attempting to compete with Marvel or DC or Image or any of the big companies, we are just putting out books that we would like to read,” said Flores, Editor-In-Chief and Illustrator for Plus Waco Comics.

Their first comic book is called Plus Universe Alpha, it was created through a Kickstarter campaign after the team submitted an 8-page work to an open submissions call and got rejected.

“What we had at the end of the day were the beginnings of something that we could put more effort into and grow into something bigger,” said Gonzales.

“The seeds of a bigger story,” added Flores.

The first issue introduces you to the history of the Plus Universe in what they call their “origin event.”

“It then bleeds into a civil war between the gods that are assigned to the Universe as we know it and then there’s a big disagreement that happens after that civil war and then from there there’s a decision that has to get made and that brings in our three heroes,” said Gonzales.

The first of at least 10 years worth of stories.

“We have them ready to go, we just, you know, need to find the time,” said Flores.

Bringing stories and characters in their mind, to life.

“There’s a lot of energy, a lot of love and passion into it and I hope that whenever people read it they feel that exact same thing from it,” said Gonzales.

Plus Universe Alpha is being pre-sold online, click HERE to get your copy.

The team will also be selling their comic book at an official book release party at Cultivate 7Twelve Friday night from 7pm to 10pm and at the ATG Expo inside the Waco Convention Center February 12-13.