WACO, Texas – The Waco Police Department will be conducting an internal review after body camera footage showed an officer pulling a taser on a man refusing to wear a mask inside a Valero convenience store.

In the video, Brent McCain is confronted by a Waco police officer asking him where his mask is. After being told to leave, McCain argues with the officer, saying the officer’s mask isn’t working, then accusing him of taking the mask off.

“Did I get a little mouthy? Yes,” McCain said. “I’m not gonna sit back and be spoken to that way.”

After telling McCain to leave, the officer follows him outside the store. McCain was legally carrying a gun – one of the reasons the officer tells him to put his hands up while trying to detain him.

In the video, the officer points his taser at McCain and tells him, “I will tase you right now. You are in violation, and I gave you a lawful order. You have a weapon, put your hands up now.”

After calling for backup, the officers handcuffed McCain. He says he doesn’t wear a mask in most situations partly to stand up for his rights. He also doesn’t see the health benefits.

“I’m a paramedic. I’ve been a paramedic for 32 years, and these masks don’t work,” McCain said. “You have to have the right kind of mask. It has to fit correctly.”

Waco PD told FOX44 they haven’t handed out any citations yet for people not wearing masks. They focus on educating those they catch not wearing the masks on mask safety.

McCain said he got a written warning, so he has filed a formal complaint.

“Primarily what I’m looking for is an apology from the officer. An apology from Waco Police Department,” McCain said. “Had I not had my body camera on, what would’ve happened? It would have been his word against mine. It could have turned out much worse.”

With McCain filing the complaint, Waco PD will conduct an internal review of the incident.