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WACO, Texas – The Waco Police Department is running both a criminal and internal investigation after an officer is accused of assault.

Officers got a call Sunday night from a woman who said Heath Mynar assaulted her. Mynar was off duty at the time.

According to an affidavit, an officer was dispatched to the 900 block of Baylor Avenue and called back the woman who made the call. She spoke to the officer in hushed tones, said she didn’t want to cause any trouble, and told the officer to not show up. The woman said she was afraid to leave the apartment, but then agreed to come outside and speak to the officer.

Waco PD Dispatch later received a call from Mynar, who said they were in Apartment #107 at the Park Place Apartments, and it was his girlfriend who called the police. The woman was found sobbing outside of the apartment, and told the officer she and Mynar got into a verbal altercation on Saturday night, which carried over into Sunday.

The woman said Mynar was drinking since early Sunday afternoon and was saying rude and vulgar things to her. The woman confronted Mynar before calling the police. She grabbed his martini glass and threw the contents on the floor, but did not throw the glass.

This angered Mynar, who stood up, grabbed the woman with one hand on her neck and one hand on her side, and threw her to the ground. Mynar stood over the woman, grabbed her neck with both hands, and drug her from the living room to the front door of her apartment. While the woman was being dragged, she went limp so that Mynar would not feel the need to push down on her neck.

The officer noticed the woman to have abrasions and inflammation, with slight swelling, to the front of her neck and underneath the left side of her jaw. Abrasions were found to her upper chest area.

During a search of the apartment, streaks were found on the floor of the apartment from the rubber soles of the woman’s shoes from being drug through the apartment. Mynar said he was attacked by the woman, but had no injuries.

Because the woman had visible injuries, the officers took Mynar into custody on a charge of assault. He was booked into the McLennan County Jail, posted a $2,500 bond, and was released.

The 20-year department veteran is on administrative leave during these investigations.

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