WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — Each year, the Waco pride network hosts ‘Out on the Brazos’ — a day-long event that features musical performances, food trucks, vendors and family-friendly activities.

The festival takes place to celebrate the LQBTQ+ community in central Texas and to increase its visibility.

“Coming out to these events and like representing and coming together as a community is very important because it shows that we’re here and like we’re ready to be represented and we’re ready to just be out in the world and be happy and just love each other,” Hunter Cox said, who attended the event.

Hunter Cox came out to the event this year to have fun and feel safe around people from his own community.

“Just to enjoy the pride and be prideful of who I am and my community,” he said.

He believes this festival is important for defying long-term oppression and false assumptions.

“Straight people have been here for a long time, obviously throughout history– but so have gays, lesbians, pansexual and transsexual. They have been here for so long, but they’ve been overshadowed because of social normative and all that, ” said Cox.

He says these events are important to have in a public space that they would often feel excluded from otherwise. They’re also just a source of positivity for people in Waco.

“So from just walking in and seeing like the people walking out, they seem so happy. I see all these colorful and beautiful people and all these cool things to do. So I’m also really excited to see what LGBTQ+ owned businesses are happening here,” he said.