WACO, Texas.  On Saturday, the Waco community rallied for a family in need at the Backyard Bar and Grill.

“If you know Joey, he’s helped you out at one point or another. So this is our turn to help them out,” says friend Daniel Lightfoot as he spoke to the crowd.

Back in February,  Joey and Maggie Wright’s twins were born prematurely, at 27 weeks and 6 days.

The newborn boys weighed under 3lbs each.

Their medical conditions stemmed from Maggie’s monochorionic pregnancy. This occurs when two fetuses share an amniotic sac.

Since their birth back in February, the boys have been in the ICU facility in Houston.

“Their hospital bills just kept piling up, so it was it was just time to do something about it,” says Lightfoot.

Friends, Daniel and Ryan began pitching in, putting a fundraiser together.

“We only had a month to get this planned, so pretty much, worked my day job, came home and worked on this till the time I went to bed,” Lightfoot adds.

The benefit featured music, raffles and a silent auction.

“We’ve all put energy and time. If I can take care of them for a while. It will be a joy,” Lightfoot says.

The money donated will go toward medical expenses. To support you can click HERE