Wacoans staying active during Shelter in Place to relieve stress, cabin fever

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WACO, Texas – Even with a Shelter in Place order effective for at least another two weeks, Wacoans are still keeping active and taking advantage of the warm weather to relieve stress and avoid the dreaded “cabin fever.”

Waco City Spokesperson Larry Holze says the Shelter in Place order does not mean people cannot go outside.

“Certainly this does not restrict you from going out and enjoying a beautiful day,” says Holze. “We encourage that, in fact.”

The Waco Riverwalk was packed with patrons enjoying a walk, bike rides, and picnics on Wednesday. The fresh air may actually be able to help with the quarantine.

“There is no argument – the more you leave, stay inside, you’re gonna get depressed. Cabin fever. So the best thing you can do is go outside and get some fresh air, walk, run, do something to get outside and get your body moving,” says Holze. “I think every health authority will tell you the fact that the body is better when it’s in active mode rather than sitting around and doing nothing.”

Jared Rodriguez is having his semester at Baylor cut short, forcing him to do online classes to finish the year. While it hasn’t been an easy time for he and his classmates, the exercise does help.

“I love going out and being active – whether that’s working out or obviously just taking a break from a lot of the course load we have to do online now,” says Rodriguez. “Getting out helps relieve stress for me, and it’s a huge part of my life to be active. So this is a great way to do that.”

His mom Helen recently moved to Waco from California. For her, the time outside is time with her son she wouldn’t normally have.

“I’m used to just meeting up with people at the coffee shop or, you know, just volunteering at this and that, and I can’t do that,” says Helen Rodriguez. “But with my son, I mean, obviously with the social distance, it’s a little different because we’re family. But that’s why we’re out today walking together.”

Even with the city advising people to stay inside as much as possible, this family isn’t afraid of a little fresh air.

“I don’t have fear. I mean, we’re not in a crowded….there’s not a crowd. So, and you’re just walking. So yeah, I have no concern,” says Rodriguez.

For more information on what the Shelter in Place declaration means for Waco, you can click here.

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