Waco’s First locally owned Axe Throwing Venue Opens

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WACO, TX- Todays was Waco Axe Company’s first day officially open and so far, its on target for success. Waco’s newest entertainment business so far is bringing tons of excitement to the downtown area.

“With everything opening up for the evening time, the entertainment here in Waco is going insane and we are so happy to be apart of that,” said Garrett Simmons, a manager at the Waco Axe Company.

The Waco Axe Company’s axe throwing experience is one just about anyone can enjoy.

Folks who work there say seeing the wide range of folks have a good time there is what they enjoy most about their jobs.

“I had a lady the other day 70 years old come through, stuck it on her first throw so if she could do it, I figured anyone could come out here and grab an axe and throw it,” Simmons said.

For people wondering what axe throwing is all about, its simple. You pick up an axe and throw it at a target in hopes of landing on the bulls eye.

The manager shared with us that axe throwing hasn’t been around that long.

“Axe throwing in general is actually really really new. I came down from Canada. Canada started this thing the crazy guys up there and it kind of worked its way south right now so its really the new thing,” said Simmons.

Folks in Waco, throw by throw, are quickly taking interest because they say its a stress-reliever and an all-around good time.

“There was one day when we were really slow and guy came over to us who was in school at Baylor. He comes up and he says I’m irritated. ITs midterms you mind if I throw a couple. and when he was done he was loose as spaghetti man,” said Gaz King, with the Waco Axe Company.

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