Warning issued about Bell County arrest warrant scam

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The Bell County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning about a new internet scam involving claims of arrest warrants being issued for potential victims.

Lt Bob Reinhard said the department has received several calls over the past few days stating that persons have either received emails or instant messages from someone identifying themselves as Lieutenant Nelson with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department saying the recipient has some sort of criminal case being charged against them, or a warrant for their arrest, and provides a solution to the charges by sending money in various different ways.

He said there is no Lieutenant Nelson working for the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

Lt. Reinhard said, ” I want to remind everyone that we do not do business this way and at no time will anyone from this department make contact with you by email, messenger or phone to discuss a pending criminal case or outstanding warrant with you. In the event that you receive this type of correspondence, please do not react by giving anyone money, banking or credit card information. Also, please do not reply to emails or messages that are sent to you that seem suspicious. In some instances, merely replying can allow access to your computer, allowing the person who sent the email or message the ability to capture your personal and financial information that you have stored on that device.”

“These emails and messages are being sent across numerous IP addresses making it very difficult, and in most cases, impossible for us to track back to the original sender” he said.

” Simply delete the email or message, or hang up the phone if someone calls you and go on with your day. At any time that you would like to make yourself more at ease after receiving something suspicious like this, please call the Bell County Sheriff’s Department at (254) 933-5412 and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.”

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