UPDATE: Seven cases of COVID-19 confirmed in McLennan County

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WACO, Texas – There are now seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in McLennan County.

Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver announced this during an emergency press conference concerning the city’s response to the coronavirus. He said the seventh case is one where a person has contracted it from someone in the county – it is spreading.

“We have determined that one of these seven cases was acquired locally. This means that person-to-person spread, also known as community spread, is occurring now within Waco and McLennan County,” Deaver said. “Because our community is early in this outbreak, we have the opportunity to dramatically reduce the spread of this disease and its impact on our community by taking action now.”

Deaver also announced he is reducing the maximum amount of people at a Waco event from 50 to 10 starting at 11:59 PM Thursday night.

“COVID-19, like all other contagious diseases, pays no heed to jurisdictional boundaries. The only way to get ahead of this disease is to take strong preventative action across a large geographic area,” Deaver said. “The quicker all communities take these kinds of actions, the better chance we have of getting ahead of this disease and getting on the path to recovery.”

The symptoms for the virus are synonymous with the flu: fever, cough and shortness of breath.

“If your doctor tells you you don’t meet the criteria for testing to confirm COVID-19, you should act as though you have COVID-19,” Deaver said. “That means you should continue to self-isolate, stay home, and avoid contact with others until recommended by your doctor.”

None of the seven cases have required hospitalization, according to Deaver.

On Wednesday, Mayor Deaver announced during a press conference that McLennan County had five cases of the virus. Word of a sixth case came out later in the day.

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