WACO, Texas – As many people were observing Memorial Day, several people had to make some changes because of the weather.

Dustin Griffin traveled from Austin on Monday to observe Memorial Day Weekend with his family, who served this country in the Armed Forces.

“We just passed our regards to them and the folks that we lost. We have a flag out in our front yard, and we’re going to a memorial barbeque tonight,” Griffin says.

Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kickoff for the summer, but it’s also to thank members of the military for their services.

“Honestly, we didn’t have too many plans this weekend. The weather being what it was didn’t make us think too far ahead. We bought tickets over here at Hawaiian Falls and just hoped, cause it was about two hours away from where we lived,” says Griffin.

Weather reports show that Central Texas has received several inches of rain the past week, causing many lakes to overflow. Some people had to change their holiday plans because of the weather.

“Of course with all this rain, it was keeping us inside. But now that we’re able to get some sun, we decided to come out to Hawaiian Falls and check it out,” says Waco resident Alissa Cady.

But that’s not the case with Corey Bright, he says the weather didn’t stop him and his family from out on Memorial Day Weekend.

“Just take it low-key and go to the local waterpark here, and just enjoy the day with the fam,” says Waco resident Corey Bright.

Cady says after a year in the pandemic, and COVID-19 restrictions are less strict, she feels more at ease being able to go out again.

“I know they’re all really excited that we’re not needing to have our masks out, so it is really starting to feel like a normal year, and hopefully a normal summer,” says Cady.