WACO, Texas — Earrings, bracelets, and rings oh my. There are many pieces that are more popular around the holiday season but it truly depends on the customer.

“So it’s kind of all categories I would say but it’s very diamond heavy, and white gold, and yellow gold heavy,” Monali Pandya said, the President of Di’Amore Fine Jewelers.

As Christmas creeps closer, many are still looking for that perfect gift for someone special.

But if you aren’t sure what to get, here’s what Pandya said are some good options.

“Some really quick go to’s if you’re just totally lost and like I just want something that I cannot mess up and end up in the doghouse with,” she said. “I would say the diamond studs, these solitaire pendants, and the tennis bracelets.”

Pandya also said with the up tick in Christmas engagements, they see many people coming in around the holidays to find the perfect ring.

But if you are still on the hunt and plan to pop the question around Christmas, there are other options.

“For Christmas, like if somebody comes in and they say, oh, I want this classic ring and I need it tomorrow, it’s like, ok, when we have a three karat in our vaults, we’ll set the stone tonight and you can pick it up tomorrow,” she explained.

“So we went ahead and set it all up. Now we did talk about yellow gold and rose gold. So we have already have those set up the most common designs. And then we do have the most common unique designs ready to go with.”