WACO, Texas- As tax filing season begins tax expert Jimmy Haliburton Jr. Wants to remind tax filers to keep all their important documents with them to make filing taxes hassle free.

This year people have many questions with all of the different forms of stimulus from last year they want to make sure they get all the refunds possible from 2021.

“The changes in the child tax credit or advance child tax credit that we’ve seen those payments go on for the previous six months. People are going to be received letters that they need to have with their time of filing,” says tax expert Jimmy Haliburton Jr.

Parents will be receiving 6416 or 6417 forms in the mail.

“But need to have that at the time of filing in order to claim the correct amount of payments that they received over the period before we got into the tax season,” says Haliburton Jr.

With all the extra forms needed to file tax expert Jimmy Haliburton Jr. says he expects more people to seek professional assistance this tax season.

“And often what you’ll find is a lot of free filing software and etc. it’s free for what they call a simple tax return. Sometimes they say simple, what’s that definition you need if you have children? It’s no longer simple or if you have friends, they need to be claimed. It’s no longer simple,” says Haliburton Jr.

Don’t be surprised by delays. This tax season is overwhelming for the IRS as the pandemic puts a backlog in your refund.

“But the IRS is facing a lot of challenges that they didn’t have in the past. Of course, with the raging COVID pandemic going on, the lack of employees there has huge impact on their ability to service everyone around,” says Haliburton Jr.

Last year to help with disaster relief the IRS extended the deadline to file your taxes, Halliburton is optimistic the deadline will remain on April 18th.

This is Texas, so we were about one storm away from that day, possibly being extended again. My thoughts are if the weather stays well and everyone continues to file electronically, the way that we are at that deadline may be something that we keep,” says Haliburton Jr.

Tarleton Waco is offering free income tax preparation and e-filing on Saturday January 29th at McLennan Community College at Michaelis Academic Center Room 212 from 10 am to 3pm.