Whataburger plans to expand to more states with a new look

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Whataburger is looking to expand its empire by opening restaurants in more states, that look different from what Texans are used to.

A Chicago firm bought the fast food franchise last year, sparking concerns from many and at least one musical rant.

The company says that through the next year, it will build 40 new restaurants, starting with sites in Tennessee and Kansas City.

Whataburger also plans to being franchising restaurants for the first time in almost 20 years. The company says that will allow it to open in more areas, offering employment opportunities to hundreds of people.

The classic ‘A’ frame Whataburger restaurant will undergo some changes as well. The company says it will introduce new restaurant models and remodels that have a reduced environmental impact by using renewable resources when possible, LED lighting and more efficient equipment for 24-hour use.

One thing that won’t change, according to the company? The orange and white stripes will still be on prominent display.

Here are some of the new designs for the restaurants:

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