WACO, Texas – The Synders had a full house last week due to power outages.

Jennifer Synder says because of the power outages, her adult children came back to their home to stay warm.

“It was precious for a hot minute, and it was really fun. We love to be together, so we enjoy being together. All the dogs in the house made it a little cramped, so there was a lot of people in a really small space,” Jennifer says.

The Synder family was without power for many hours, which raised their concerns for their neighbors.

“That first morning, 7:30 come and gone. Almost to that 9:30 mark the power didn’t come on. At 9:30, I was like, ‘What is Ms. Woodall doing?’ So I called and checked in on her, and she’s so cute, and said, ‘I’m just sitting here in my winter coat, just waiting for the power.’ And I told her, ‘We got this generator if you get cold. Call me, we’ll come get you,'” Jennifer says.

During these difficult times, Jennifer wants to remind people to stay connected with their neighbors.

“We need to be more neighborly. We need to care about others as individuals, and not just ourselves. It’s so easy to get lost in our everyday lives,” Jennifer says.

With the help of social media, Jennifer says she felt a sense of comfort knowing she wasn’t alone.

“When you’re without power, even if you have your phones, we had enough. We had a generator. We were able to charge our cell phones. So we were able to stay connected to the world. But when you look out your window and you don’t see anybody, you don’t see anybody driving, and even though there’s other people in the neighborhood, you know they’re in their houses. It’s still really frightening to feel so alone,” Jennifer says.