A 25-year-old woman is being held in the McLennan County Jail on multiple charges, accused of ramming a man’s car while she had young children in her own.

Nahieli Martinez was arrested Tuesday night following the incident near the 2000 block of Estates Drive in Woodway.

Police said the incident occurred after she became angry at finding a man in a car with another woman at the park.

Investigators say they were told the man had left the couple’s home earlier in the evening saying he was going to have his car washed.

Martinez is accused of checking his location with a cell phone tracking app and noticed that he was at Woodway Park.

Police say she then drove to the park with her children, one age 5 and the other age 6 months, in the car with her.

After spotting the man in the car with a woman, police say she rammed his car with hers as he was trying to leave.

She remained in jail Thursday morning on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second degree felony, and two counts of abandoning or endangering a child, each a state jail felony.