The Central Texas Veterans Health Care System has announced the Women Veterans’ Recovery in Supportive Environment Program at the Doris Miller Center in Waco is being expanded.

The program began just 8 months ago in Building 7 on the Waco campus, and now is being doubled in size.

The program, known as RISE for short, was redesigned with the specific needs of female Veterans in mind to focus on increased security but in a homelike environment.

An in-house construction team renovated the space for the new unit and the expansion and donations were made by First Nation Group, LLC/Jordan Reses Supply Company to provide comforter sets, lamps and other items to help decorate the area.

Prior to the RISE Program opening in January 2019, it was formerly known as the Women’s Trauma Recovery Unit, and was housed in a mixed gender environment in the domiciliary in Temple.

To provide a more secure healing environment for the treatment of women Veterans, the decision was made late last year to re-locate the unit to Building 7 on the Waco Campus.

In addition to providing a healing environment to treat PTSD related to military sexual trauma, services will be expanded for the treatment of PTSD due to any type of trauma, including combat, childhood, or natural disasters and substance use disorders as well as address other mental health symptoms.