WOODWAY, Texas – Every dog has its day – and this is true with one Woodway K-9.

The Woodway Public Safety Department posted on social media Thursday that K-9 Shaka is continuing to improve daily – and although she hasn’t been released back to duty yet, they say she still makes frequent visits to the department to soak up a little extra attention.

The department says Shaka’s soft tissue is almost completely healed, and you really wouldn’t be able to tell what she went through if it wasn’t for the hair loss.

Shaka was playing outside of her handler’s home last October, when a rattlesnake attacked her. She was rushed to the Waco Animal Emergency Clinic, where a vet gave her anti-venom to treat the wounds. It was also around this time that Shaka won $5,000 in grant money to be used towards the department’s K-9 division.

Shaka was also diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia in September 2020, meaning her immune system is attacking and killing red blood cells. There was a fundraiser held, where proceeds went toward her medical expenses.

The department wants to thank the community for all the prayers, thoughts, and notes of encouragement. They helped get Shaka and her handler through a really tough time.

Woodway PSD started this announcement with the phrase, “Healing looks good on you, girl!”

Source: Woodway Public Safety Department