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WOODWAY, Texas – Citizens are tipping off Woodway Police to an email scam where the message appears to be coming from the department demanding they pay a speeding ticket fine.

While the message may look real at first, a deeper look reveals its flaws.

“At first glance, this does look legitimate. However, if you start looking more into it and reading more thoroughly into it, you’ll see grammatical errors into it,” Woodway PD Assistant Chief of Police Larry Adams said. “The location for the citation, actually, isn’t even in the City of Woodway.”

Nationwide, police have noticed a rise in cyber scams over the last five years as advancing communication technology has become more and more accessible.

“We try to get messages out to our residents via social media and the news to be on the lookout for this,” Adams said. “Look after our elderly populations, your parents and that kind of thing, so that they don’t fall victim.”

On the quiet streets of Woodway, police are much more used to dealing with these types of cyber crimes rather than violent crimes. They say these scammers are not likely to be from the area.

“The majority of these originate either from elsewhere in the United States, or even from overseas,” Adams said. “We do see a lot of these, where we are able to track it and it ends up coming from overseas.”

Adams says if you do see a suspicious looking e-mail or text message, it is never a bad idea to contact your local police department and let them know.

“This is something you need to contact us before acting on. You don’t want to take action on an e-mail or a text message such as this without looking into it,” Adams said. “If you have any questions, you can contact your local police department to verify that kind of information.”

You can contact Woodway Police for non-emergencies at 254-772-4470.

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