WACO, Texas – Earlier today, firefighters from Zacatecas, Mexico traveled far to make a visit to Waco. The Waco Fire Department was able to give the fighters a tour of their station.

The Zacatecas Firefighter Chief and council leaders were shown Waco’s fire trucks and all of the different equipment they use.

The Zacatecas Firefighters were grateful for the Waco Fire Department opening up their doors to them and showing them around.

As a token of their appreciation, the Zacatecas Firefighters presented Waco Firefighters with a plaque symbolizing their brotherhood bond.

“We’re very fortunate to have a city that funds us fully, and here they have a city deal layer of 68,000.” says Waco Firefighter.

The Zacatecas City Council Members are asking for donations for those less fortunate.

“They’re asking for donations. That really brings home how fortunate we are in Waco.”

They are asking people to donate medical supplies—you can drop off your donations here in Waco at 29-34 Dutton Avenue.