Local salon owner seeks funds to create mobile salon to help Waco-area homeless


Nearly 24,000 people in Texas are homeless, and in McLennan County, nearly 30% of the population lives below the poverty level.

That means, there are a lot of people in Waco who can’t afford basic hygiene needs like getting a haircut.

That’s where Cherie Hudson, owner of The Cutting Edge Salon comes in.

“I love making people feel better about themselves and the feeling of doing someone’s hair and it just lifts their spirits so much,” said Hudson.

She’s styled hair over two decades and dreams of creating a mobile salon to help the less fortunate.

“These people are kind of down on their luck and a lot of times don’t have anything,” said Hudson.

That goal began when she got a first hand look at Waco’s homeless population with Haircuts for Humanity.

“We’re always out in the elements, so we were kind of forced to do it whether it be in the cold, in the heat, in the wind. And a lot of times the capes would blow over the head and they’d get hot and sticky and the hair would stick to them,” added Hudson.

That’s why she’s raising money on GoFundMe to put that salon experience on four wheels.

“That’s the first step, obviously, to get the vehicle, and then I’ve got a couple of connections of people I can take it to that will gut it and fix the plumbing and electrical and get all that together,” she said.

“Not everyone has the same luxuries that we do and I feel that’s just really important to give back to your community,” said Justin Parra, son of Cherie.

Justin says that’s one of the reasons why he became a hairstylist, to make people more confident.

“Oh, it can change their life,” he said. “A haircut can completely boost someone’s confidence enough to make them walk into a building and get a job.”

Because a simple cut or style, can make a person feel a million times better.

“This is my part, this is what I do, I do beauty, I do hair, and I feel like if that’s what I can take from the gifts God gave me to give to other people then that’s what I’ll use,” said Hudson.

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