A 25-year-old Killeen man has been arrested on charges related to what was believed to have been some kind of road rage incident back in September of last year that involved an off duty KISD police officer.

An arrest warrant for charges of terroristic threat causing fear of imminent serious bodily injury was issued in April for Charles Edward Walbeck II in the investigation conducted by Harker Heights police, with Wallbeck being arrested Monday by a Bell County deputy.

Lt Stephen Miller with Harker Heights police says the delay in the arrest could be attributed to different investigators being involved in the case and a change in the charge being sought.

Lt Miller said the actual incident occurred September 6, 2017 as a KISD police officer was getting off duty and driving in his private vehicle.

As he drove he encountered another vehicle exhibiting what he believed to be road rage tendencies, driving erratically around the officer’s private vehicle and displaying obscene gestures, honking and yelling.

Thinking the other person may have been angry for being accidentally cut off by the officer’s vehicle in traffic the officer made an apologetic wave, which only drew more honking and erratic driving around his vehicle.

When they stopped at a red light , after being paced for several miles, the driver rolled alongside the officer’s vehicle and raised a gun pointing at the off duty officer.

The officer said he believed this is when the suspect saw his had which had the words POLICE boldly printed on it.  

The suspect driver then put down the gun and drove off.

The officer made the report with the suspect driver then eventually being identified.

The investigation went its course, with an originally planned charge of aggravated assault being changed to terroristic threat and accepted by the District Attorney.