A 33-year-old Waco man has been arrested on charges of stalking, family violence with court records pointing to multiple instances of harassment and alleged violence toward the victim.

Jadarion Jamal Degrate was booked into the McLennan County Jail Wednesday night with bond set at $10,000 on the charges.

An arrest affidavit mentions incidents going back to 2014 where Degrate had an arrest and conviction for assault family violence with the same victim.

Court records indicated Degrate and the victim had a previous relationship but have not been together for some time, with multiple arrests and incidents including assaults on the victim and a new boyfriend.

The arrest affidavit for the stalking charge includes mentions of multiple counts of criminal trespassing charges, threats to do bodily harm at her workplace and criminal mischief where property had been damaged.

The arrest affidavit includes a description of an incident September 27 about 1:00 p.m. where the victim was home and saw Degrate coming toward her house.

The court papers say she ran into the house, locked the door, ran into her bedroom and moved a dresser across the door to try to keep him out.

Her front door was kicked in and the bedroom door was forced open with the victim being able to run out of the house.

A neighbor is mentioned in the court paperwork as observing the incident and yelling when it look like the victim was about to be hit, saying her assailant fled when the neighbor yelled that he was calling the police.

The investigating  officer noted in her complaint filed with the court in support of an arrest warrant that she felt the suspect was trying to show the victim that he still controlled her life and who she associated with in other relationships.

The court issued an arrest warrant and Degrate was booked into jail Wednesday night.