Waco, TX (FOX44) McClennan County District Attorney, Barry Johnson, announced during today’s press conference he’s making changes to the office.

Johnson hired Aubrey Robertson to be an additional 1st assistant district attorney.

Formerly working in McClennan County’s court system, he says there is much work to be done.

“My office will use every tool at its disposal to make sure the citizens of this community are safe,” said Robertson.

One of the main goals Robertson has is to help work down the current backlog of cases, including 12,000 felonies and 2,000 misdemeanors.

Handling these old cases will allow them to work on the recent spike in violent crimes with 60, including murder, to be in trial before January.

“People who commit crimes have to know that justice is not only going to be severe, but justice will be swift,” said Robertson. “The consequences for breaking the law in this county will be swift.”

With McClennan County creating a new county and district court, Robertson plans to work with the commissioners court to hire five to eight prosecutors.

Right now prosecutors in the district attorney’s office are responsible for an average of 600 cases.

Robertson wants to cut the case amount down to 300.

He wants to have 2 felony and misdemeanor trials a week, but says he can’t do it alone.

“If we’re going to have more than one trial a week in a court, I need more jurors. I need people,” said Robertson. “When you get your jury summons, show up. I cannot move cases if I don’t have jurors.”

District Attorney, Barry Johnson, shares similar words saying jurors help cases move faster in court.

“In order to have two felony trials going, which we should have every week. Every week gets a jury week. In two misdemeanor cases, [we’re] going to need a 150 to be there,” said Johnson.

With Robertson running for the district attorney position in November — he says he will not combine his work with campaigning.