McLennan County Early Voting Ballots Recalled


WACO, Texas – If you have not received your early voting ballot, you are not alone.

This comes after McLennan County Election officials were forced to recall more than 8,000 ballots.

“We had 8,200 ballots by mail that were ready to go out. We had them in the car on the way to the post office,” said Kathy Van Wolfe, McLennan County Election Official.

However, the ballots were stopped because on Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court allowed three Green Party candidates (Tom Wakely, Kat Gruene and David Collins) to appear on the November ballot.

The decision comes after those candidates were removed after state Democrats sued the party over unpaid filing fees.

For Van Wolfe and her staff, this means reprinting every single ballot.

“It’s never good to redo all of your work. It took us from August 28th to get to this point. Now we’ve got to start over,” said Van Wolfe.

The process will have a financial effect on the city:

  • There are 8,200 ballots
  • Each ballot costs 25 cents to produce
  • 10 cents for envelopes and 65 cents for postage costs
  • Those fees above are equivalent to $1.00 per ballot, costing the county $8,200.

This does not include the cost to pay part-time election workers to re-stuff and re-test the ballots.

Van Wolfe says her team is working hard to get the ballots mailed as quickly as possible. Early voting begins on October 13th.

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